September 2016
Welcome to all new and returning officials!  In an effort to keep you up to date with ongoing news and items to note, we will be publishing a newsletter for your quick reference.

Please take a minute to look at these one page updates each month.  As always, any questions or concerns can be emailed to Andrea Walin -

Continued thanks to everyone for your hard work and support!

Great job by all signing up online for meet attendance.   It sure makes it easier for organization so we will be continuing using this new tool.  Sign up is now posted for the January open meets and the Technical Planning Committee has split the teams.  Please make sure you sign up for the correct meet.
The Gulf meets are set up with morning and afternoon sessions.  The afternoon sessions start 1 hour after the conclusion of the AM session.  When we set up the online sign up for officials, we obviously have no idea what time the morning session will finish and therefore, the afternoon will begin. 
If you are signing up for the afternoon session, please make sure you note the part about "check the actual timeline posted on the Gulf website for each meet to determine the start time of the afternoon sessions".  The officials briefings are held one (1) hour prior to the start of the session.
We are working on booking many new clinics for learning purposes, please continue to check the section on clinics for dates, times, locations and sign up.  
Clinics will be set up for Chief Judges, Starters and Deck Referees over the next few weeks.

October 2015
  • Revised Certification Guidelines are now in place for Gulf Swimming Officials.  Please take a minute to review the revisions located under "Certifications & Training".
  • A new LSC certification level has been added for Chief Judge.  Please review the information located under "Certifications & Training".  It is required that certification as a Chief Judge is obtained prior to certification as a Deck Referee moving forward.
  • Online Sign up for meet attendance for officials is now up and running.  Please make sure you sign up in advance to allow for proper planning for apprentice positions and adequate "staffing" for our Gulf meets!  Very easy, please use the new system.
  • New Officials Always Welcome!  If you are a parent who is willing to officiate and missed the initial round of Stroke & Turn clinics, it is never too late!  Please email your willingness to step up to Andrea Walin - and arrangements can be made to accommodate you.