Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in officiating for your team and the swimmers!  
The following links contain valuable information to assist with your decision to start this process and will hopefully answer some of your questions.  
If you would like to get started volunteering as an official, please email Andrea Walin - to ask any questions or get started with the registration and learning process.
Hope to meet you on deck soon as an official for Gulf Swimming!

Non-Athlete 2017 "Fillable" Form

Note for "Fillable" pdf files:  Windows 10 will use Edge as the default program for opening all pdf files. Being a browser/reader, Edge doesn’t have editing features and the fillable function of the pdf document will appear not to work.   Open fillable pdf files with either Google Chrome or Adobe Acrobat (Internet Explorer 10 and older will work too), then the fillable features will work.  Adobe Reader will have the same problem as Edge.