Welcome to all new and returning officials!!!

Officiating for USA Swimming is very different than some of the other organizations that you may have officiated for.
We are located in the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) "Gulf Swimming".  Our mission is to train and certify officials:
– who are fair, competent, current in rule book application and consistent in approach.
– who are capable of providing athletes with the best, most consistent and fairest possible level of observation.
– who have sufficient experience and skills to serve as an official anywhere outside of the Gulf Swimming LSC.
– who are ultimately capable of achieving National (N2 & N3) certification with USA Swimming.


We recognize that all officials are volunteers and will do our best to make this an enjoyable experience while providing the necessary professional, safe and fair environment for our swimmers!

Thank you to all volunteer officials that put in countless hours, your efforts are sincerely appreciated!

The following information is located on this website by checking the drop down menu for your ease of reference and utilization as an official for Gulf Swimming:

  • CERTIFICATION & TRAINING - Current certification standards and links for training information is located here.
  • CLINICS - Any available training or mentoring options will be made available here year round.
  • FORMS - Necessary forms for meet officials.
  • ROSTERS OF OFFICIALS - Current lists of officials sorted in various options, Team Officials Representatives, Congratulations on New Certifications
  • SUPPLIES - Links provided for supplies as required for officials.
  • Online sign up for Officials to work meets
  • NEWS section - updated information on items of interest for officials.

If you have any questions or inquiries about officiating, please do not hesitate to contact the Gulf Swimming Officials Chair for response:
Andrea Walin