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Computer policy

Please zip any file before you send it.  Different types of e-mail handle files differently and I have had a lot of problems recently with files which have been sent.  Zipping seems to eliminate most of those problems.  If you need a zip program - go to for a free evaluation copy of winzip.

It is a requirement that all Gulf Swimming teams who host a meet use Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager for Windows.  

Pre-meet Information:

Meet Announcements and Hy-Tek TM entry (hyv) files

All meet annoucements and zipped Hy-Tek TM entry (hyv) files are required to be submitted to the Gulf Swimming webmaster six weeks prior to the date of the meet.  

Please combine all meet information into a single meet announcement file either in MS Word or pdf format.  This single file will be posted on the Gulf website.  This file can include formats, maps, team lists, safety information, etc.

Week of the meet:

Meet Timelines

Meet Timeline files should be exported from Meet Manager in MS Word or pdf format and sent to the webmaster no later than the Monday prior to the meet.

Meet Warmup/Timing Information

Meet Warmup/Timing should be sent to the webmaster no later than the Monday prior to the meet at the same time as the timelines.  You may send this in MS Word or pdf format.

Meet Results

Three files are required no later than three days after the conclusion of the meet.  These files should be sent to the Gulf Swimming webmaster.

1)  A zipped back-up Meet Manager database

2)  A zipped commlink file (exported from Meet Manager)

3)  Meet Results report (exported from Meet Manager in publication order format, 2 column - include standards, splits and team scores)