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North American Challenge Cup (NACC):

Please find information HERE for this summer's NACC meet to be held in San Diego, California with the competition being held at the UC San Diego pool.  Gulf swimmers ages 11-18 can apply by completing the application form below between now and June 29th with the team being announced by July 3rd.

Gulf Swimming's Simone Manuel:

Gulf Swimming is proud to follow the successes of Simone Manuel.  Please see the article below about some of Simone's recent swims.


Circle-In Policy for Gulf Swimmers:

This is a reminder to all Gulf swimmers:

During this long course season ALL Gulf sponsored meets will require swimmers to circle in for ALL events.

Circle-ins are due 45 minutes before the start of each session. Swimmers must circle in for each of their events.  Swimmers who fail to circle in 45 minutes before each session will not be seeded in the meet.

Nominating Committee Report:

Please find the Gulf Nominating Committee's Report HERE for the Gulf Board of Elections that will be held at the May 20, 2015 House of Delegates meeting.