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Open Water All-Star Challenge

24 Gulf athletes competed in the annual LSC Open Water All-Star Challenge meet, held April 8-10, 2016 in Ft. Myers, Florida. This has become an annual event to promote open water swimming, and a great opportunity for our athletes to compete on a national level. Most Gulf athletes qualified through their performance at the 2015 Gulf Open Water championships last October.

Top 8 finishes include:

11-12 Girls 2.5 kilometers

1st – Kylee Grafmiller (ESA)

6th – Alex Clark (KATY)

7th – Caitlyn Quinn (FCST)

11-12 Boys 2.5 kilometers

5th – Garrett Green (BTA)

7th – Nick Schmid (KATY)

8th – Rhys Beauchamp (RICE)

13-14 Girls 5 kilometers

6th – Ainsley Everett (RICE)

7th – Catherine Shelburne (RICE)

13-14 Boys 5 kilometers

7th – Thad Dickerson (TWST)

8th – Wyatt Fields (TWST)

15-16 Girls 5 kilometers

4th – Anne Norris (HSC)

5th – Rachel Hicks (ESA)

7th – Alejandra Shimel (ESA)

15-16 Boys 5 kilometers

2nd – Nicholas Koutani (HSC)

17-18 Boys 5 kilometers

1st – Christian Frey (TWST)

4th – Chase Seal (MAC)

The rest of the team included: Kyle Cantrell (BTA), Jorge Guerra (NOCH), Byron Keller (KATY), Brandon Mahan (HSC), Jamie Morgan (DADS), Roxana Nolte (DADS), Joey Testa (FCST), and Dylan Zamani (ESA)

Head Coach: Paige Sikkema (NOCH)

Asst Coaches: Doug Buckalew (ECS), Valerie Martin (KATY), Mike Robinson (ESA)

11-12 2.5k results

13-14 5k results

Special thank you to Gulf teams and coaches for supporting this fantastic experience for our athletes, especially our coaches who volunteered their time on this travel trip.     

Gulf Open Water 2016

Cammile Adams Breaks American Record

Congratulations to Cammile Adams for breaking the American Record in the 200 meter short course butterfly at the Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool in a time of 2:03.39.